गायक सनुप पौडेलको नयाँ गीत ‘थाकिसके’ सार्वजनिक (भिडियो)

Sanup Paudel is without a doubt one of the mainstream artists we have in Nepali musical industry. With tunes like, ‘Daiba Hey’, ‘Samjhana Aaidincha, ‘Thapi Deuna Malati’ among others, he figured out how to win the hearts of groups of onlookers. He was additionally observed as one of the judges in a singing unscripted television appear, ‘Voice of Nepal’ close by Deep Shrestha, Abhaya Subba and Pramod Kharel.
Paudel has released a new song titled, ‘Thakisake’ which has been written by Everest KC while the music is composed by Shikhar Santosh and arranged by Phanindra Rai. The video edited and directed by Tekendra Shah features Paudel himself alongside Nisha Tamang.

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